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What’s New with InterQual 2018

InterQual® 2018 – Making CM/UM More Efficient and Informed

Coming on the heels of the one-year anniversary of the new Change Healthcare, InterQual 2018 has embraced the company’s spirit of innovation by offering an array of new technology solutions to deliver InterQual Criteria and automate key processes. The growth of our cloud platform, with more than two million medical reviews conducted in the past 12 months alone, has opened the door to faster implementation, innovative capabilities, and more frequent updates.

Plus, we’ve added a total of 56 new subsets and more than 300 new indications to our criteria and updated nearly two-thirds of our existing content to bring you the most relevant and current content for making evidence-based appropriateness decisions.

Additional Highlights

  • New recommendations for rapidly changing clinical areas
  • Expanded Initial Review Criteria that now addresses 90% of the reasons for admission
  • Enhanced Proactive Care Management Guidance
  • Redesign of the Subacute & Skilled Nursing (SAC/SNF) Module
  • Expanded technology functionality
  • Full deployment of InterQual AutoReview

Coming soon, we will host the series of Annual Release webinars covering the updates to Level of Care, Behavioral Health and Ambulatory Care Planning. Please fill out the form to the right to pre-register for these webinars, and we will notify you as soon as they are available.

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